The Worst Beer I Ever Made (So Far)

4 thoughts on “The Worst Beer I Ever Made (So Far)”

  1. That’s quite a lot of lactose! We once brewed a milk stout (similar recipe, but without the chocolate) with around 500g in a 20 litres and had a FG of around 1030. That was too sweet for most people’s taste, but still drinkable (and actually quite nice, if you have a sweet tooth). As you suggested 10% might be a better amount of it if you try again.

    My worst beer was brewed with breakfast cereal (Rice Krispies) for a competition. I don’t think I’d do anything to change it – I’d just avoid ever trying that again again.


    1. I learnt a big lesson that brew – definitely do your research before using a new ingredient haha! I’ve not used lactose since though but I had a pale ale recently that used lactose and peaches to create a peaches and cream ale which I’m tempted to give a go!

      What did the Rice Krispies add to the beer? I’ve thought of doing a beer with sugar puffs but I’ve ever been brave enough!


      1. I definitely liked lactose as an ingredient, it’s well worth using again – perhaps in moderation.

        The Rice Krispies didn’t seem to add much, but it was kind of hard to tell – mashing was a nightmare from start to finish – some of the powdery rice ended up catching on the pot and burning. We did it as a competition amongst our local homebrew club and the general consensus was that efficiency is very poor, the stuff clogs up everything, and there’s not a whole lot of flavour from it. You’re better off using the flaked wheat, corn or rice and maybe adding some honey/vanilla/lactose to approximate the flavour of the breakfast cereal.


      2. Yeah that’s a good idea, get that nice malt/cereal flavour that wheat can give rather than crushing powdery cereal into my mash and clogging up filters! Thanks for the warning haha 🙂


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