Back in June last year I made a double IPA with a homebrewer friend, using the reiterated mashing technique. You can read about the reiterated mash technique we used on the Grainfather blog here. If you aren’t interested in the technique, here’s the recipe for the beer we called ‘Double Hard Bastard’; Mash 1 … Continue reading Oxidied

Recipe Roulette

In my first meeting of my new homebrew club, the Cheshire Brew Crew I was invited to take part in their recipe roulette competition against the Liverpool homebrewers. Keen to give it a go I signed up straight away. The concept was to draw from a hat one ingredient and one hop which you had to … Continue reading Recipe Roulette

Diacetyl Resting

You may or may not remember my blog about brewing a lager – a style which I’ve had plenty of experience drinking but not much experience brewing. Lager brewing poses a lot of interesting challenges for the homebrewer. The grain bill typically contains a large proportion of Pilsner malt which contains a large amount of the … Continue reading Diacetyl Resting